Nine Days

Hola, y’all — it’s been a crazy couple of months, but I’m pleased to say that the countdown to Colorado is now in the single digits: nine days until the movers come, and then we’re outta here. Nine days, Ferris. Niiiiiiiine daaaayyyys. (Huzzah!)

In the meantime, when I’m not frantically helping my parents pack up their house, I’ve been playing with some recipes to see if I feel better by cutting out eggs and dairy. I’m bone-tired, like, allll the damn time, and I have a touch, just a soupçon, of subclinical hypothyroidism. But, given my body’s tendency to be allergic to, or at least intolerant to, basically everything, I figure it can’t hurt to see if being gluten-free, dairy-free, and egg-free helps my plight. I feel like it’s entirely too many things to be -free of, but if it helps, I’ll work with it.

Adding to which, it’ll give me something to experiment with, test out, etc., once I’m back to having a kitchen of my own. Basically, Virginia Woolf had it partially right: a woman needs a room of one’s own, but this woman also needs a kitchen of her own too. (In the meantime — please hold for a moment shameless self-promotion — feel free to check out my Insta for some of the things I’ve tried recently. We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.)

I’ve also been basically pining for all my stuff. It has been, happily, all delivered to Colorado, so it’s no longer split between DC and various points to the west — but, like, I really miss my belongings. I know we’re all supposed to be minimalists these days, not have any attachments to things, and all that jazz, but…I can’t do that. We moved a lot when I was growing up, and my stuff helps me feel centered, safe, and at home. I’m attached to it. It’s also stuff that I’ve carefully curated/selected over the years, because I’m totally obsessed with design and aesthetics — so it means a lot to me, both psychologically and aesthetically.

Basically, I 💖 my stuff. And I miss it, so I might cry when I’m reunited with it. (Don’t judge me.)

But, what all this means is that my life-renovation is actually making ~progress~, which is super exciting and has been soooooo long in the making. Yay!

For now, I can at least say this: the countdown to Colorado is on, and I’ll catch y’all on the flip side.

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