More Renovation Than I Planned

So, hey, it’s been a minute! (Or, like, 849,173,946 minutes. But whatever.)

There have been some major developments since I last posted here, including the fact that I left my job and had been planning to focus on freelance writing and building other streams of income — but due to some other events that I can’t discuss here, those plans have dramatically changed. The upshot of all this tumult, though, is that I’m currently staying with my parents in Houston while I start looking for a job in Colorado.

Sooooo…greetings from Texas!

I’ve been trying to figure out how to approach all this change, as well as my rebuilding efforts, when it comes to the blog — and when I say “thinking about,” what I really mean is “ceaselessly ruminating about” — but I think I’ve finally developed a plan: I want to do one thing every day that either 1) helps me rebuild/improve my life, or 2) that helps me heal, whether that healing is physical, psychological, spiritual, or emotional. And then I want to, y’know, write about it.

My Instagram account will reflect the whole “one thing a day” thing, and then I’ll recap them here once per week — in addition to other (hopefully) good stuff like money diaries (a la Refinery29), links to articles I’ve enjoyed reading, and the occasional inspired rant (hey man, when the spirit moves me to write, I gotta roll with it).

So, stay tuned for more!

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